Blogging 101 best practices to get started

I wanted to share my notes from today’s – SBA’s Blogging 101 Webinar.
  • 60% of businesses have blogs.
  • Most bloggers post once a month.
  • Blogging helps increase SEO (Search engine optimization). Keep your content fresh.
  • Can’t think of a topic, invite guest bloggers.
  • Find an editor to help proofread before you post (this could simply be someone you know who is good at writing and editing).
  • Before you post 3rd party content, thoroughly read and research
  • Before you decide on your blog make sure you set a goal: Increase readership, awareness, sales?
  • Provide valuable content and not hard sales
  • Decide who your reader is and write in a way that is relatable.
  • How will you mange your time? Third parties like Hootsuite help you manage your social media pages. Schedule certain days and times to post.
  • Provide updated information on the industry you are interested in.
  • Write posts using 300-500 words. 
  • You can also post fillers: links, Youtube videos, inspirational quotes, resources, etc in between your main posts.
  • Can’t think of anything to write about, invite a guest blogger.
  • Post how to’s or tutorials.
  • Get permission before you post information or pictures about someone.
  • Create attractive headlines. Think about what people would type in the search engine.
  • Be yourself! Drop the corporate language and speak in your readers’ terms.
  • Use links, videos, images, white space. Make sure images and videos are copyright free.

Special thanks to Aaron Strout, Caron Beesley and Simon Salt for providing this valuable blogging webinar!


Mom+Social: A global movement of mothers

I just wanted to share an event that will be held virtually tomorrow.

The United Nations Foundation is hosting a Mom+Social event – a special, a one-day global conversation on motherhood, the role of social media, technology, and philanthropy to improve the health of moms and children everywhere. Let’s continue to connect and support one another! #globalmom