Where to buy Doc McStuffins?

If you have a daughter or son under the age of 10 that watches the Disney channel, then you’ve probably heard of Dottie Doc McStuffins. She has become quite popular over the last two years. She is even ranked one of 2013’s top Christmas toys! The show is about a 6 year old girl named Dottie McStuffins who wants to be a doctor like her mother. She fixes toys so everyone calls her “Doc”. Although my daughter isn’t even two yet she really likes the show and sings (well kind of) along to the theme song. I really like the show because it has positive messages. And even though there are many other cartoons or animated shows on tv I have found very few that are educational and “appropriate” for young children.

So because my daughter likes the Doc McStuffins character I went out an searched for a few things for her. To be honest most retail stores I went to either had none or one or two.  Some of the larger toys were just to pricey…I didn’t want to spend $70 on a play clinic that she may or may not lose interest in, in a few weeks. Below is my compromise on a few deals I found at various places.

Doc Mcstuffins where to buy

(above) Check out the mother load…all of this was under $75!



Doc Mcstuffins Dollar Tree

(above) I found these items at Dollar Tree for only $1!. And if you’ve ever shopped at a Dollar Tree you know they don’t all carry the same things and the selection when it comes to toys is very slim. So each item came from about 6 different locations. NOTE: I did not go to these 6 locations at once, if  I was on a different side of town or out of town I would check the store where ever I was .

  • Word Search
  • Coloring book (not shown)
  • Crayons
  • Double sided crayons
  • Markers
  • 24-count puzzle (2)
  • Maracas (2)
  • Tip Spinner
  • Book of stickers
  • Large velvet picture w/markers
  • Small velvet picture w/markers
  • Ping pong paddle
  • Small tote bag


Doc McStuffins Walgreens

(above) I found these items at Walgreens! Who knew Walgreens has such a great toy selection.. Buy 2 get 1 Free or 3 for $13.98.

  • Wall light $4.66
  • Stationery set  $4.66
  • Stick n stamp activity set $4.66
  • Puzzle Book $6.99
  • Band-aid ($2.99 – Target)
  • Doctor’s bag set ($9.99) reg $14.99


Doc Mcstuffins backpack

(above) I found this back pack w/folder at Khol’s.

  • Back pack with folder $15 ( no longer available)



Doc mcstuffins hide n play

(above) I found this Hide n Play  at DD’s discount. Like the Dollar Tree very slim selection. There was only one when I bought this.

  • Hide n play  $12


I hope this post gives you a few ideas on where to get inexpensive toys for your little one. I also plan on letting her open up one toy every two days. That way it stretches the newness out. I may even save one or two for her birthday.